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We kept several dragons from this clutch, and we will make new videos as they grow to show you how to take care of your baby as it grows up with ours.

  • Minimum 20 gallon screened lid enclosure or condo type enclosure

  • Desert UVB 10.0 linear tube light

  • UVB light fixture

  • Heat bulb and dome fixture (no UVB)

  • Basking spot temp 100-105 degrees

  • Paper towel, tile, reptile carpet substrate

  • NO loose substrate, NO sand

  • Greens (mustard or turnips) daily

  • 3\8" crickets to start, sized (length) no bigger than the space between the dragons eyes

  • Calcium powder with D3 (dust feeders 5 times a week)

  • Multivitamin powder (dust feeders 2 times a week)

  • Daily water hydration until 12 weeks old, then 3-4 times a week

Salad or Greens for

Baby Dragons

Hydrating Your

New Baby Dragon

UVB and Heat Lights

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